William Holden Wildlife Foundation

Soil Restoration / Permaculture Farming


Subsistence farming on small plots dot the landscape of countries all over sub-Saharan Africa. What usually occurs on these small plots is farming with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to produce crops. Overuse of chemicals produces land that requires more chemicals to grow crops turning the once rich soil into dirt devoid of biodiversity that sustains life. Restoring burnt out, exhausted land to productive soil containing natural biological life can be done but it takes work and dedication, and a lot of compost.

In the rural areas we serve the subsistence farmers are looking for answers and are eager to try new ideas, so we have a target audience who are eager for learning how to recover their soil.

We were fortunate to once again be sponsored by the Annenberg Grant to install and begin teaching soil regeneration and permaculture farming methods at five locations and introducing a tribal area of herdsmen to the idea that they could reproduce the grasslands their animals so desperately need by using these methods.

We are blessed to have the expertise of Katie Mclean and the team she has trained to guide us in establishing these farming methods in the areas we have served for many years.

For further information on regenerative soil philosophies please see “Kiss the Ground” on Netflix or YouTube.