William Holden Wildlife Foundation
Wathituge Primary School is a
mixed day school located in the
Laikipia County outside of Nanyuki.
We have enhanced their school with
WHWF Classrooms,
WHWF Canteen,
and the Ken Norris Library.

In 1989, Mr. Ken Norris, a great support of the WHWF, visited the education center and saw for himself just where his money went! He was extremely happy with what he saw and was most particularly excited by our rural program, and decided he would like to give us a rural library at the rural school Wathituga. Wathituga is a place of farms - small 'shambas' on the edge of a vast plateau. The birth rate is high and education is minimal since the young are needed to help at home. In many cases, our program is the only exposure they may have to understanding the world economic crisis and how it pertains to them. The Ken Norris Library at Wathituga Primary School was officially opened in 1991. The library houses its own water catchment system.

Mr. Ken Norris with WHWF President Stefanie Powers and Kitty

A new kitchen/dining hall was built onto the library in 2007, and contains a locked storage facility, cooking area with work area and kitchen sink. The kitchen is outfitted with two eco-friendly bellerive cookers, each capable of cooking a meal for about 350 children, utilizing significantly less fuel. The open areas has a fixed bench around the perimeter, which can seat 50 students, and benches in the middle open area seat another 100 students, providing the students shelter from the elements during mealtime. The roof of green corrugated iron is fitted with gutters to catch and store up to 400 litres of rainwater in a black plastic tank. The roof is also outfitted with skylights, and the entire building has a concrete floor. This new kitchen is a worthwhile investment in this community and an enduring symbol of the WHWF's commitment to pioneering environmentally sustainable alternatives to traditional practices, demonstrating their practicality to the rural community and providing training in their proper use, to our mutual benefit.

After one year of this library being opened, the December, 1995 exam results showed Wathituga Primary School ranked number 10 in the top 20 schools of the district.

Mr. Norris passed away suddenly in 1996, but part of his legacy lives on in the Ken Norris Library at Wathituga Primary School.

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