William Holden Wildlife Foundation
In Africa, students attend
primary schools that are paid for
by the country, however
secondary schools are paid for
by the parents, many of whom
cannot afford to send their children
on to further education. The
foundation has bridged this gap
by offering student sponsorhips
to those students who truly
excel in their studies. Read more
about how you can make a
difference in the life of one of these
gifted students.

William Holden Wildlife Foundation
Some of our sponsorship students meeting
Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady of the Republic of Kenya
at our 35th Anniversary Celebration on April 13, 2019
Students in this photo, from left to right, are:
Caesar Kittara, Jane Nyamburi, Hannah Njoki, Diana Kanorio, Lilian Mwari, Risper Wanjira Kibuchi, Paul Muteithia


When our sponsorship program began both primary and secondary schools in Kenya had tuition fees. Today the primary schools are free and it is the secondary schools that require tuition. Additionally, some secondary schools are boarding schools, which add to the costs. Most rural families struggle to send their children to secondary schools and many gifted students have their education cut short because of lack of funds. Over the years some donors have asked for ways they can become more intimately involved with our work and the sponsorship program is one of them.

Willilam Holden Wildlife Foundation Student Sponsorship Program
We welcome our most recent student Kibuchi Risper Wanjira
to our sponsorship program.
How It Works:

With the help of the teaching staffs of our rural outreach we find the most promising students with the greatest motivation. We review their circumstances and their past grades, then we meet with the student. Once we have chosen a student and found a sponsor the student signs a document of agreement and understanding that they are to work hard to maintain and excel in their grades which will be reviewed on a term by term basis, and if at the end of the year they have not been able to maintain their grade average they may lose sponsorship for the next year. The student also agrees to write to their sponsor throughout the year and to come to the education center on their school breaks to volunteer, learning our curricula as well. The sponsor will receive an initial letter from their student with a photograph. They will also receive a dossier of the past grades and teachers reviews along with a brief history of their student. The annual costs range between $800-$1000, and provided the student maintains their grade average the commitment could extend to four years.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested in helping to change the life of a worthy student.

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