William Holden Wildlife Foundation
Our rural outreach program constitutes
libraries, classrooms and
kitchen canteens
built at existing primary and secondary
schools near village communities
that are lacking in these facilities.

Out in "the bush" is the front line confrontation of humans and nature where alternatives to destruction serve to help all species, including our own, and where we have found that we can really make a difference.

Each library is equipped with imported and local books, charts, maps and displays, plus a biogas unit, water catchment and a tree nursery.

Each classroom is equipped with blackboards, a teacher's desk and chairs, and desks that our sponsors have supplied through the Adopt A Desk program. Click Here for more information on our Adopt A Desk program and how you can adopt your own desk.

Each kitchen canteen is equipped with new cookers, and a clean, sanitary kitchen and eating area for the students.

Our rural outreach project is associated with these rural schools:

Guara Primary School

Mlima Kenya Primary School

Ngenia Secondary School

Nyaringu Primary School

Wathituga Primary School

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