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Just under an hours drive from the Education Center is the resettlement area of Ngenia in the district of Timau at approximately 7800 feet altitude on the northern slope of Mt. Kenya. Ngenia is a multi-tribal settlement of overflow population largely from the north west of Kenya. The virgin slope has been clear cut and divided into small plots of subsistence farming, the impact of which is already pressuring the environment and naturally the animal population. The headmaster of the Ngenia Secondary School is an ardant conservationist who has, on his own, started a tree nursery and flora and fauna studios. Since our previous library had proven so successful, we searched for another location to establish an additional library and found that Ngenia was clearly ideal. The next step was to find a donor to take on the costs of building and establishing the library and we are happy to report that the J.L. Foundation has risen to the occasion and Ngenia will soon have a "J.L. Foundation Library of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation'. The rural library official opened in the summer of 1992.

William Holden Wildlife Foundation Jon Lovelace
Dr. John D. Maguire and James Vermey
Inaugurate the J.L. Foundation Library

Current Projects:

The library is currently being stocked with books and other educational material.

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